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 Strange Land

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PostSubject: Strange Land   Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:09 am

It was a nice day. I was tucked in my nice, soft... bubble? It took me a couple seconds to realize who I was after this mass confusion. I tried to steady myself while standing, and I looked out my bubble, wondering what in the world I was doing in such a strange object. As I looked out of the clear wonder, I saw one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Below me is what looked like a green mass of slime? Above me looked like a glass cupola, revealing a sunny, blue sky past it. Around me were baby blue walls, all shaping a cylinder building! Scattered in the air around me were other people, ranging from around my smaller brother's age to my father's age, all in identical bubbles. Near the top of the building is what looks like a giant, red, child's ball.
It was stretched away from the wall by a metallic stick-like structure. Soon I found that the giant "eye" was looking at me! In nearly a split second, the red surface cleared up, and my bubble was sucking into the arm. I looked around, and saw that I was in what looked like a tunnel. Wait a minute, where did my bubble go? It couldn't have popped, considering the size of it. I would have heard the massive liquid explosion. No use pondering about the mystery of the missing bubble now, I had to find out where I was. Soon the tunnel started getting smaller, and the red plate shaped back into place at the entrance of the tunnel.
Soon the tunnel was a mere 3 feet long. I walked out, to find that I was on the side of a building. There were two more bubbles. The shine in one said "Up" and another said "Down". I decided to go down. I touched the bubble, and my finger went through. I took a couple steps forward, and before I knew it I was in the bubble. The bubble levitated up a couple inches in the air, and then it started a quick descent. Strangely enough, I felt perfectly balanced, even with the repetitive bobbing up and down in midair. Soon I reached ground, and I was able to step out of the bubble. I looked back, and saw my bubble floating up into the sky.
I pondered this further, and then decided to walk through the mysterious streets of... somewhere land. The sidewalk was smooth and soft. Instead of seeing cars pass by at 50 miles per hour on the nearby street, you could see the very road moving people at a 70 MPH speed. I decided to investigate, and I jumped on the moving road. It was easy to balance, even at a speed of this level. There were families, businessmen, and there were even a couple tourists (like me, come to think of it) with their trunk sitting on the moving pavement beside them.
This was indeed strange. Soon up, I saw a 3 story building saying "New Citizens" on a bright sign on the top. I guess this is my stop. I quickly stepped off the path, and looked up at the building. I pushed on the door, but I just tumbled to the ground. When I pushed myself up, I was in the building. I stuck my hand through the door. It wasn't possible! I saw several people waiting on benches, and a round counter with employees smiling to customers in front of them. I walked up to one line and rather quickly, I was at the counter. "Excuse me," I said. "But I don’t have any idea where I am. Can you help me?"
The the young blonde woman said "Sorry, but you're in the wrong line. The line straight behind me is city information." With a confused look I said "Thank you," and walked to the opposite side of the counter. The line was empty, and the black-haired male teenager behind it said "Welcome to Zeghnhein City Information, may I help you?" So that's where I was. I have never heard of it, but I said "Am I in the wrong line, or would you have a map of the continent?" The teen looked at me and said "You’re in the wrong line, but I really don't like troubling people, I'll be right back with a map." The man walked away and talked to somebody a few lines away, and he got a blue piece of paper.
He walked back and said "Here you are, sir. Is that all?" I looked at him and said "No, that’s it. Thank you for the help. The man nodded, and I walked out of the door just like I walked in the "Down" bubble. I looked at the map, it was a blank piece of blue paper. What!? I looked at it with sheer disappointment and threw it on the ground. It flew through the air, and then back into my hands. I could see something coming in motion. I rubbed on the paper, and there was a map of the continent. It looked like none of the 7 continents I know of. Is there 8? Could there be a hidden continent that nobody knew about?
I didn’t ponder this any further. I rubbed the map again, and soon came a clear visual of the world. In the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of Hawaii and Japan, I saw what looked like the continent I just saw. I turned the map over to North America, and poked my finger on my state, trying to find it. Suddenly the area I touched seemed to have glowed, and I felt a tingling as a strong purple light surrounded me. Before I knew it, I woke up. "Time for school" My mother called. As I looked at one side of my bed, there was the map I was holding previously. It wasn't a dream. It was wonderland.
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Strange Land
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